Our team is always hard at work behind the scenes getting our clients’ plans into motion. But have you ever wondered exactly what goes on in the office? We asked Chris James and Cameron McKay, our lovely team members over in our Great Missenden office, what a typical day looks like for them.

Morning to you both! How does a typical day in the Great Missenden office start?

CHRIS Cameron and I normally have a bit of a catch up to discuss the day ahead in terms of which clients are coming in. Then, I’ll make sure the office looks smart and tidy before the first client meeting. That’s the time to get the kettle on.

CAMERON I start the day by watering the plants in my office and in the shared area. Then, I finish off any necessary preparation for the day’s meetings.

What does a typical day look like for you?

CHRIS During a typical day, I’ll be having client meetings (either face to face or via Teams), answering emails from clients and colleagues, speaking to clients over the phone and liaising with our Client Relationship Managers and Paraplanners regarding ongoing client work.

CAMERON For me, a day in the Great Missenden office tends to involve multiple face-to-face meetings with my clients. Most of my clients come to the office but I do also visit a number of my clients in their homes in the surrounding areas. I also never go a day without checking in with Chantelle, my Client Relationship Manager.

What’s the most used phrase in the office?

CHRIS Cameron and I are constantly bouncing client cases off each other to get each other’s input. That’s the beauty of working with a team who are all highly qualified professionals and dedicated to what they do. So, my most used phrase is probably “Cameron, can I run something by you?”

CAMERON Probably “would you like a cup of tea?” or “Chelsea didn’t do very well at the weekend”.

What’s the atmosphere like there?

CHRIS The atmosphere in Great Missenden is nice and friendly, though obviously busy when we’re doing lots of meetings. That keeps the energy up.

CAMERON Although the office has fewer staff than our Luton office, there’s still a buzz about the office. We’re very lucky to work with a number of client families, so when there are multiple meetings throughout the day it creates a warm and friendly environment.

What’s the best part of your job?

CHRIS Having meetings with clients to discuss their financial goals and aspirations, then how we can help to get them there. It’s a great feeling when you can show clients how you’ve helped them get where they want to be as you feel that you’ve had a real positive impact on their lives and also the lives of their families.

CAMERON I would say working with like-minded people with great values.

Hypothetical scenario: mid-afternoon, a client calls with a problem that they need your help to solve. What is it most likely to be?

CHRIS Usually it would be a client looking to arrange a meeting to discuss their financial plans if something has changed from their perspective. This could be something like:

  • Unexpected costs – they might want to replace the car or book a holiday. So long as it doesn’t have a longer term impact, I always encourage clients to take holidays and treat themselves. You never know what is around the corner, so you have to grab life with both hands and do things when you can.
  • Have additional funds to invest – if they’ve had a bonus at work or their cash reserves have built up over time.
  • Gifts – they might want to help out children or other family members so want to discuss that.

CAMERON Yes, it would normally be to arrange a meeting. Client plans, aspirations, tax status, feelings and goals change on a constant basis. This is something we build into the plan but it also keeps my job exciting.

When you finish for the day, what’s one thing that lets you know you’ve done a good job?

CHRIS So long as the clients are happy, then I am happy.

CAMERON When my clients have left their meeting feeling at ease, informed and reassured.

What do you enjoy most about working at Wealth Matters?

CHRIS Working with our great colleagues as without their support, our jobs would be so much more difficult.

CAMERON Working in an environment with colleagues that genuinely care about client outcomes.

Visit us at our Great Missenden office

If you are local to Great Missenden, we would love to welcome you into our office for a cup of tea and a chat. We are usually here once a week, so we recommend calling ahead on 01494 422627 to make sure someone will be in.

Our address is 102 High Street, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 0BE. Access is from Back Lane – click here for a map.