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A tried and tested investment process

Many companies can help you with financial advice and investments. Not many can offer the outstanding experience we do. It’s all because of our trademarked methodology, called the Wealth Matters Risk-Assessed Performance System, or WRAPS™. 

WRAPS™ uses a structured asset allocation model that’s tailored to your risk profile. It lets you diversify your investment in different asset classes, in different parts of the world, and different sectors, all the time receiving regular reviews and feedback – something we see as the backbone of great investing.

Sustainable investing

For investors who want to ‘put their money where their values are’, we have our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) offering, WRAPS™ Halo. Choosing to be socially responsible once meant lower profits. Today, there’s a greater choice of ‘good’ funds in which to invest, so performance is in line with other standard funds. 

All of the companies we invest in through our WRAPS™ Halo portfolios are carefully selected and constantly monitored to ensure adherence to ESG principles. There’s ongoing engagement to improve the corporate culture of these firms, drive a more sustainable future and, ultimately, achieve better returns for investors.

ESG investing is well worth considering and one of the most powerful things you can do to steer the future in the right direction. 

The benefits of WRAPS™

A proven formula

WRAPS™ has been developed using research and logic. History proves that over the medium to long-term the market always rises. So if you keep your money invested long enough, you will benefit. 


Sensible investing

We want you to make money, but we’ll help you do that modestly and prudently, without taking any unnecessary risks. We don’t try to second-guess markets or pick ‘winners’ – we just go for a steady, long-term approach. 


Balancing risk and return 

Like all experienced investment specialists, we work on the basis that risk and return are two sides of the same coin. Go with greater risk and you’re likely to get higher returns, but also more volatility. Less risk will bring a steadier picture, but probably lower returns. 



We invest in low-cost tracking funds rather than actively managed funds, helping you avoid high fees. Our portfolios also include a combination of non-predictive funds from reputable houses that control their costs. 


24/7 access

With WRAPS™, you can view your investments online, day or night. It’s as simple as your online bank account. You can also access your funds quickly when needed with no exit charges.

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