Every one of us has something that we turn to when we’re in need of a mood boost. Whether it’s getting outside, retail therapy, helping others, or simply taking some time for a bit of R&R, these ‘mood boosters’ are in actual fact an essential part of your toolkit for mental wellbeing.

This week (13-19 May) is Mental Health Awareness Week, so in honour of this, we asked the Wealth Matters team for their go-to mood boosters. If you’re feeling stuck, perhaps you can take some inspiration from them.

Our mood boosters

Going for a run always clears my mind – it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing (although saying that statement makes me question my sanity!!)

Also, making an effort to find things for which to be grateful works a treat.

– Alison Howe, Client Relationship Manager

Being with my daughter.

– Bruce Hallman, Head of Investment Planning


I’m an extrovert so I like to see my friends when I’m feeling down.

I also love to go climbing to clear my mind. I find it very meditative because it forces you to focus on what is in front of you 😊

– Katie Whitley, Client Relationship Manager

My “go to” is a short walk. I do this most days regardless, as always helped my wellbeing. If I need more help to uplift my spirits I will:

  • Use PLAs (Positive Loud Affirmations) to foster a positive mental state and attitude
  • Read a good self-help book – I’ve read two Paul McKenna books over the last few years and found them very good at “reprogramming” my brain to be more resilient and positive in dealing with life’s challenges.
    – Bruce Nash, Director & Financial Planner

    If I need a quick reset, I’ll take a few minutes to play a game on my phone and channel my attention there. This is especially helpful if you’re in a situation where you’re not able to get outside or change your surroundings.

    – Chantelle Stemarthe, Client Relationship Manager

    For me it’s walking Toby, of course!

    – Julian Gilbert, Founder & Financial Planner

    Mine is putting on some music – ideally something cheesy like FIVE! Get On Up tends to do it.

    – Debbie Pacey, Client Relationship Manager

    Either exercise or a massage helps reset me.

    – Francesca Case, Business Manager

    If I’m stressed or having a bad day, spending time with my family provides a great distraction. Failing that, if I need some solo time to clear my head and reset my mood, going for a walk or spending time in the garden tends to make me feel better.

    – Chris James, Financial Planner

    When I’m feeling down for whatever reason, I find it helpful to talk about it with friends. My mantra is “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

    I also try to shift my mindset to focus on solutions, not problems. Usually a few minutes of meditation does the trick.

    –Carmen Bacaoanu, Head of Paraplanning

    When I need a pick-me-up, I usually turn to music. Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and change our mood.

    – Cameron McKay, Financial Planner