In this informative webinar, our panel discussed:

📈 A market update, our views on the likely impact of the forthcoming UK & US elections and on the new UK ISA, and a brief history of inflation

⏳ Updates from Timeline on Evidence Based Investing, the bond market, WRAPS+ funds, and Factor Tilts

⚖ How the WRAPS+ and Halo+ Portfolios have compared vs WRAPS and Halo

📑 WRAPS+ update for Clients on the Nucleus Platform

Our host, Katherine Pautard (Financial Planner at Wealth Matters), was joined on the panel by:

  • Julian Gilbert – Director, Wealth Matters
  • Bruce Hallman – Head of Investment Planning, Wealth Matters
  • Mike Parker – Business Development Manager, Timeline Portfolios
  • Laurentius van den Worm – Investment Strategist, Timeline Portfolios