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Fundraising for 2023

Here at Wealth Matters, we want to help our chosen charities make a difference.  We have three charities close to our heart which we are supporting this year.  These are Oracle, Young Minds and the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal.

We are very excited to have set up not one, but two fundraising events this year.  Both these events need staff participation and support from our wonderful clients in the form of donations.

We would greatly appreciate you helping us to support these three great charities by making a donation.  We have set a target to raise £3,000 which will be split equally between the three charities.

For full details, please read more here.  Watch out for our monthly Newsletters where we will give updates with our progress!

If you would like to make a donation, please click the button below.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Wealth Matters Charitable Foundation

With philanthropy being a key component of our ethos, it only made sense to launch the Wealth Matter Charitable Foundation – a donor-advised fund that has been set up to primarily support three core charities each year.

The charities we’re currently supporting are Oracle Cancer Trust, YoungMinds and Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

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Raising awareness about head and neck cancer

Tackling inequalities so all patients get access to latest treatments

Funding research to discover new treatments

The UK’s leading charity fighting for young people’s mental health

Their mission is to make sure all young people can get the support they need, when they need it, no matter what

Helps provide food, water, shelter, healthcare & protection

DEC charities are in Ukraine and neighbouring countries meeting the needs of all refugees and displaced people

With regular contributions being made by us to our DAF on a monthly basis – as well as ad-hoc lump sum payments – we can continue to give back to the community and charities close to our hearts through targeted donations as well as quarterly grants to additional worthy causes.

What we pledge to do

  • Make regular contributions to the foundation, to support the growth of our partners’ charitable endeavours
  • Establish a Governance Committee to oversee the nomination process for distributions and to determine grants to be disbursed
  • The Committee to be comprised of colleagues and clients
  • To communicate with donors as to actions undertaken so they see the benefits of donations

How to donate

The Wealth Matters Charitable Foundation is open to all donations – big and small – so anyone can contribute without the requirement to set up their own DAF

You can contribute personal assets including cash and shares. Gift Aid can be claimed by the DAF on your behalf to increase the value of your contribution, whilst you can also benefit from additional tax savings for higher-rate and additional rate taxpayers as a result of your donation.

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Adding value to your donations

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) set up through our team benefit from the continued financial advice from your Financial Adviser, with investment options available including our WRAPS™ and WRAPS Halo™ range of portfolios.

We will also help you decide how much to contribute, invest and donate – and when – as well as provide guidance on suitable charities to help you achieve the most impact from your generosity and philanthropy.

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Please click here to view the Constitution document for the Wealth Matters Charitable Foundation.

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